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Case Results

Disclaimer: The results detailed are from actual clients of Bennett & Catsadimas, P.C, however, each case is an individual case and dependent on the specific facts of each situation. Because your case is unique, the results listed here are not necessarily indicative of how your case will be resolved.

Dismissal of Intimidation With Deadly Weapon Charges

A police officer stopped my client as he was riding his bike near a convenience store where someone else had just brandished a knife and threatened a store clerk. My client was arrested for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The police believed him to be unemployed, further that he had threatened the store clerk with a knife after being confronted about begging customers for money. Actuality he was on his way to work, as a long-haul truck driver. Not only was he employed, having been with the same company for more than a decade, he also had served our country in the armed forces. However, those details were overlooked by the police in their short investigation. The police also overlooked that he was wearing clean pressed clothes and a polo shirt with the company name of his employer. I was able to show the State that my client was innocent, through my own investigation which revealed the true perpetrator. After showing the State it was not my client who committed the crime and also giving details from an un-interviewed witness who knew who committed the offense, my client’s charges were dismissed.

Not Guilty Verdict in Domestic Battery With Moderate Bodily Injury

Our client was living with a woman and the landlord had recently sold the house requiring both to move out of the house. She was angry that he would not move into another residence with her. He was in his room and she opened the door to argue with him, during the argument she threw an opened can of soft drink at him. He then shut the door and was cleaning the mess when she pushed the door into him. He then pushed the door back where she was hit in the nose with the door and fell on the piles of clutter in the hall and suffering a broken hip. She called the police claiming that he beat her.

After obtaining the evidence from the State of Indiana, the prosecutor was not willing to offer a reduced plea. My client was adamant he did not intend to hurt her when he closed the door. We reviewed all the evidence and decided to go to trial. The jury found that he was not guilty of Domestic Battery.

Client Reviews

When I first had my issue I went through the pain staking search of who to represent me. I went through a number of people before reaching Mr. Bennett. When I asked Mr. Bennett about costs, he was quick to offer a payment plan without even knowing anything about my financial situation. This was...

Kevin P.

I hired Andrew after receiving a speeding violation in Porter County. He did an outstanding job and I am extremely satisfied with the outcome. It is always a good idea to consult with an attorney to discover your options, even if it is "just" a moving violation. Thanks again Mr. Bennett.


We have nothing to be upset about with Andrew he is wonderful lawyer And person who actually cares about u and your case. He responds fast and makes time for your schedule. We needed someone desperately to appear in court with my husband and he went that day and helped my husband in a violation...


100% Effective Mr. Bennett was the consummate professional. He was readily accessible through phone and email. Most importantly, he was successful in moving my case to pre-trial diversion and then to dismissal. Given the circumstances, it was a pleasure working with him. Thank you!


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