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Client Reviews

100% Effective Mr. Bennett was the consummate professional. He was readily accessible through phone and email. Most importantly, he was successful in moving my case to pre-trial diversion and then to dismissal. Given the circumstances, it was a pleasure working with him. Thank you!


When I first had my issue I went through the pain staking search of who to represent me. I went through a number of people before reaching Mr. Bennett. When I asked Mr. Bennett about costs, he was quick to offer a payment plan without even knowing anything about my financial situation. This was important, because my case had the potential to incur additional costs soon after hiring him. This told me right off the bat that he cared about my well-being. He is extremely down to earth and very knowledgeable in his practice and well suited for understanding a person, which is important in anything requiring representation. I never once had to call him for an update. I hired him and was at ease throughout the entire process. He and his staff were so communicative about every change I did not have to wonder about anything. This process, despite how important it was, almost took a back seat in my life because of how well it was handled. He takes the time for you. He listens and will weigh the pros and cons of your options with you. If your case falls in under his practice, this is who you want on your side. I could not recommend him more. No one can perform miracles, but he sure gets closer than anyone else.

Kevin P.

I hired Andrew after receiving a speeding violation in Porter County. He did an outstanding job and I am extremely satisfied with the outcome. It is always a good idea to consult with an attorney to discover your options, even if it is "just" a moving violation. Thanks again Mr. Bennett.


Andrew was professional, efficient and very effective. I would highly recommend him. I appreciated greatly his communication style.


Andrew Bennett represented my daughter after she was ticketed for a moving violation that could have resulted in suspension of her license and costly insurance increases. Quick response and did a great job.


We have nothing to be upset about with Andrew he is wonderful lawyer And person who actually cares about u and your case. He responds fast and makes time for your schedule. We needed someone desperately to appear in court with my husband and he went that day and helped my husband in a violation probation and has answered all our calls and questions. He is very kind and I am forever grateful for all his dedication and outstanding work. I would recommend him to anyone needing help he honestly the best attorney I've ever hired or even consulted with hands down the very best. I will use Andrew from now on he will be the only attorney for our family. I'm very grateful that Andrew took on our case without him our situation would have not turned out the way it has. I suggest Andrew for any and all legal issues. Well are from Winamac Indiana and I do know first hand if you want the best he is the one u need.


I contacted Mr. Bennett for legal representation for my brother. He was quick to return my call. He had already started working on gathering details and information before I had even paid him a dime. Mr. Bennett is by far the only attorney I've ever dealt with that has went out of their way to help. He's always quick When returning calls. He returns calls himself. He's also very informative and good at keeping me updated on what the possible outcomes are and what's next. He's also very knowledgeable even with the minor details that could make or break our case. I would give Mr. Bennett a 10 out of five because he is great.

Holly L

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